In Good, In Bad.

2013-03-07 13.02.44

Today’s the seventh – Jon and I tries to make it a point to wake up earlier than we usually needed to have breakfast on the seventh if it was a working day – and we did the same today. But all things good and bad came my way today, and it kinda comes in pairs.

Our dim sum breakfast planned was busted because the place was closed, and we settled for a simple breakfast at McDonalds but was nothing short of great. As Jon was cutting his pancakes he was smiling to himself and said “I’m a happy man” and I thought it was merely because he got to have McDonalds, but I was wrong. “I’m a happy man because I get to have breakfast with you.” That really took me by surprise, and it definitely gave me a good kick start to my day. I am not too sure if he’s aware of it, but he would usually have a way with me on the littlest things he do/say and make my heart flutter and feel fuzzy all over. He’s definitely without a doubt the best thing that has happened in my life. ♡

While I was on my way to work I’ve got an allergy outburst for the first time ever in my life, and I had to enroute to the doctor’s instead. It was insanely itchy and had big allergy patches on my entire leg and neck I just had to be homebound to rest. ☹ All’s much better now, and I’ve no complains because I took a nap, had Murakami & a cup of anti-oxidants to get me by. Taking a look at this on the brighter side, it’s perhaps it was a timely call to just not do anything and be home – just staying home and catching up on some rest.

Learning to embrace the good in the bad. Hope that your Thursday is better than mine (which I definitely believe it will)! x

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