S W T H R T S ♡

2013-01-12 00.32.49

Though I’ve always been on my tumblr reblogging photos of home inspirations of how I might possibly want my future crib to be like, it was even better to spend the last few hours of Friday night in bed with Jon, flipping through magazines and sharing ideas/opinions about how we can work around building our home together. As I’m slowly having clearer visions of how our daily retreat would possibly be like, my fears of our home arriving really soon has turned into a driving force in me to keep my discipline.

An Erdinger in the man’s hand, a puppy falling asleep before us as we talk – these are the little things in life that brings a smile to my face, a warm and fuzzy feeling to my soul.

I may not have a perfect life, but I’m definitely happy with what my life has for me. x

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