2013-01-06 11.40.59

Bedsheets  • Pup (and his favourite toy) • Tea  • Wanderlust

Caught Les Misérables with Emily, Tiac Woo, Wen Shao and the boyfriend on a Saturday late night and I really loved it. Great cinematography with a fantastic cast. Not forgetting the fact that the wonderful memories of being in the band flowing through me as those familiar tunes played through the musical. A movie of desperation, heartbreak, love, happiness, and pain – I swear I cried a river watching it.

Earlier this morning, J the little sweetie hopped onto the bed after the boyfriend left for his Sunday football and waited for me to wake up – patiently, for more than an hour. Snuggled in bed reading my favourite magazine and a cup of tea with the pup is one of life’s most comforting pleasure. Caught with an old friend and her beau, Sarah and Ziyang, over lunch together with Jon, and an extremely bloated Spanish buffet with The Chaus for dinner.

First weekend of 2013. Perfecto.

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