The Last of Twenty Twelve

#1.Starting the stay-home December weekend right. x #2.While the boyfriend brought his brother & J to the dog park, I made breakfast. Nutella pancakes with an abundance of banana & strawberries.

#3. There’s a kind of unexplained bliss as you laze the Sunday awake like this — with J the sweetheart and the man of your life falling asleep together. The littlest things in life that counts. ♡ #4. Cooked dinner for The Chaus — Japanese curry udon with omelette, carrots, chicken and mushroom. Would be perfect if I had a cup of green tea though.

#5. Sunday night drives with the man with Adele playing in the background. As I get older, I understand and appreciate the beauty of slowing life down. With the people that matters. #6. Breakfast with the man and Kristen at Toby’s Estate.


#7. A girly heart to heart session with Emily without the boys — over sandwiches, coffee & waffles. #8. Matching all my old clothes together because I’m running out of things to wear to work. ☹


#9. Breakfast hunt with Esther & Jon. Ate twice the amount than we usually would because the boyfriend is a glutton like that. #10. Digging on sweet treats – Jon’s monthsary gift to me – in bed. Thank you sweetheart for being such a thoughtful man. You know what makes me happy best. x


#11. Alone time with J the sweetheart is so therapeutic. Baby you wash all the craziness if life away. #12. 2.57am • An impromptu drive to the East to take a look at the progress of our future home. Looks like our unit is up! ;)


#13. Outfit for Christmas dinner at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon. #14. Mondays • Bringing Jon’s Melbourne mates for a food hunt for the next few days, with my new glittery flats because it’s December. x


#15 & #16. At Pulau Tekong on 12/12/12 – The day my baby brother transits from being a boy to a man. Welcome to army, my brother.


#17. Oh Nutella tart, you sinful delight. #18. The best companion who is willing to sit down quietly beside, allows you to make him your leg rest, and spends the night together. My best friend.


#19. A beautiful face to wake up to, the hands that holds on to you subconsciously as he sleeps. I’m so thankful to have you back beside me for good, because everything has indeed became easier to bear. #20. What the boyfriend and I had for breakfast in bed — goodies we grabbed from Cupcake Weekend pop-up store. Don’t think we can start it any better. x


#21. Organic home-made granola by Cupcake Weekend for breakfast, and received a postcard from my dear Yan Shan — whom I totally respect for giving up her stable job and went on a farm stay trip in New Zealand. Really sweet of her to grab a postcard of Lake Tekapo just because it’s my favourite spot in Ao Tea Roa. Tuesday morning’s filled with love. ♡ #22. Missing my little sweetheart.♡


#23. Ending the night with some cookies, reading up on some current affairs and searching for receipes for the Christmas Cook Up with the boyfriend. Not forgetting the curious pup, who later came up on the bed and wrecked havoc while I wasn’t paying attention. Bliss at its simplest. #24. Sleepy furball hijacks the bed and climbs between Jon and I again. You’ve all of my heart, baby shepherd. ♡


#25. “I think if I’ve learned anything about friendship, it’s to hang in, stay connected, fight for them, and let them fight for you. Don’t walk away, don’t be distracted, don’t be too busy or tired, don’t take them for granted. Friends are part of the glue that holds life and faith together. Powerful stuff.” #26. Midnight groceries shopping with my superboy. Looking forward to whipping up a simple homecooked feast this Christmas.


#27. Season of glitter. #28. On a mission to find the best sliced fish noodles in Singapore, and I think we’ve got a contestant. Ordered two bowls and I swiped everything clean.


#29. Curious pup, thank you for being the best companion who sits silently beside when I was feeling down. You are my therapy. #30. Spent the last few hours of Christmas Eve sipping on Glacier wine, tucking ourselves beneath the sheets and watching tv on bed. We can go on like this forever. Merry Christmas, everyone.


#31. While I was waiting for the train to work, a man came from my back and called out “Dear!”, gave me a peck on the lips and ran off. Turns out that he was rushing off to somewhere in the opposite direction, and came all the way back up when he saw me. This very same guy. He always makes my heart flutter. And he made me like an idiot to myself through my entire journey to work. ♡ #32. Spicy cheese chicken x Kimchi stew x Korean pancakes • Korean feast for company dinner. Stuffed till death, and went to heaven.


#33. After running around the house, we laze on the bed together and share some love. #34. Spent the last weekend of the year at my second home, cooking and watching tv with Jon, along with little J who’s always lingering around me. Many things flowed through my mind for the past few weeks, and I know what are the things I’d want to pursue/let go in the new year. With that, I’m ending my night with a glass of Glacier Wine.


#35. 365/365 • Braved the rain just to satisfy my cravings with Jon. Spent time like how best friends would. I really appreciate that my boyfriend, is indeed my lover and best friend all rolled into one. ♡ #36. The boyfriend saw an old man standing by the train station waiting for the rain to stop, he went over and offered to ferry him over to the block that he was headed to. The old man was full of “Thank You” when we parted. I’ve never seen a man with such a sincere and genuine heart of gold like you. The last day of our year with warmth and humanity.

(Pictures taken via instagram: @kellynting)

Instead of squeezing in the crowd, I’m so glad to be in the comfort of my own home in this chilling weather, and even more thankful to have every member of the family here together – healthy and well.

I have no idea how did 2012 fly by so quickly, and it’s definitely a year that has brought about many changes in life. 2012 marked the end of going through the arduous long distance relationship that Jon and I have been going through for 4 out of 6 years of our relationship, and we are definitely enjoying the company of each other almost every other day. We aren’t even getting enough of each other, and I don’t think we’d ever do. ♥ Truth to be told, I do miss and enjoyed the time when we were going through a long distance relationship – all the anticipation that leads up to a reunion. But no complains right here! We’re off to the next phase in life. ☺ The few highlights for the year would be visiting Bangkok and went on a shopping spree, Melbourne to attend the boyfriend’s graduation, and managed to strike of New Zealand which was on the top of my to-visit list in the year. Also, with  Esther joining me at my work place who makes work a lot easier to bear, and meeting a few more lovely people that’s worthy of keeping. ☺

All I’m really asking for in 2013 is to have some Discipline – to save up some cash for our future home (which I think I failed to achieve in 2012, sadly.) and hopefully going on a trip somewhere to see the world. I guess every year I’ll be asking for the same ol’ stuff. But this time round, I hope I will prioritize some me-time for myself and work on some self-improvement skills (e.g. cooking) through the year. I hope that I’ll look at the world with deeper thoughts and more patience. “Be a man of less words and more thoughts.” And maybe, just maybe, to do something a little impulsive and unforgettable. In a good way of course. In this new year, I’d want to take on a back seat and lead life a little slower. I guess 2012 has taught me to appreciate the importance of me-time – something which I clearly do not believe in my younger days. The one important thing that I’d really want to learn would to be able to appreciate the littlest things in life, and to express gratitude.

To pursue the intangible, and less material. 

I hope I would be able to capture more beautiful photos and share them with on this little space of mine with more quality entries over mindless rants. May 2013 be a year of positive change, and here’s hoping that I can achieve what I wish I can! Have a great year ahead, lovelies! x

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