Time in Bed

The afternoon of Christmas Eve. I saw myself laying in bed tucked beneath the sheets, making myself comfortable and cosy, reading back the old entries of my blog, and the people around me. I’ve noticed so many things has changed, and I no longer pursue the things I used to want; things which seems perfect to have. Then I look and think. They are no longer the things that appeals to me. Perfect is boring.

And this is exactly what I want. Lazing in bed, hearing the fan, reading my own things, having John Mayer playing in the background. And somewhere at the corner of the room sits Little J, taking sneaky little peeks at me hoping to get my attention.. then gives up and hops on the bed and joins me. The pursuit of happiness lies in the simplest and littelest things in life that money can’t buy.

May all of you find the thing that makes you happy. And may you have a Merry little Christmas. x

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