When the clock striked twelve, you went out of my room and headed to kitchen; returning with a pint of my favourite Gelare Hazelnut ice-cream and said “Happy 80th Baby, this is your present.” This was probably one of the best little surprise the boyfriend has given to me. My favourite ice-cream flavour has become so hard to find, and we spent the night digging on sweet treats together in bed. I never understood what it was when people say that sometimes the things that makes you the happiest are the simplest things in life, until you came about.

We’ve went through so much changes together — from being that two kids who never met eye to eye as classmates; the two that fell in love; the two that traveled across the globe to make those years of long distance relationship more bearable; the two that now wakes up beside each other and prepares to head to work. Change is the only constant in life, and our love is always changing. And that’s the Constant.

Happy 80 months, Jon. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this beautiful world together with you. ♡

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