Strangers to Friends

Mondays has always been my Sundays, and that saw me cafe hopped through the day catching up with people. Headed over to Toby’s Estate for breakfast with Jon & Kristen; and it also happened to be the first day of work for Jon & my classmate back in  primary school. It was pretty amazing because he was such a coffee guru the three of us learnt so much from him. And to think that we haven’t met in, say, 11 years? On a side note, I am glad that Jon has found a coffee friend in Kristen, vice versa. ☺

Strangers’ Reunion for lunch with Emily because the girl wanted to visit this place. Quality time with the busy teacher over a hearty meal of sandwiches and waffles (with maple syrup – mmm, so heavenly), keep our souls warm and fuzzy away from the crazy rain that was pouring outside.

On a side note, I need to do something about my hair (which looks absolutely atrocious) and my eye bags. ☹ Made a promise that I’ll turn in early and give my body some good night rest. December’s gonna be such a crazy month.

Happy Monday, all! ✘

4 thoughts on “Strangers to Friends

  1. Heyyyyyy, sexy lady! :) love the beautiful photos! it’s making me wish I was there right now. miss hanging out with you already! x

    • ESTELLA, Hey gorgeous! I am looking forward to us hanging out and pigging out! Have you decided where we should head for Christmas lunch with the guys? I can barely wait any longer! :D x

    • SERENA, Thanks babe, you are too kind but it’s really nothing like what you’ve said. Sadly. It annoys me more than half the time. :'(

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