Lil Munchkin ♡

#1. G’morning Jiejie! #2. This pair of baby eyes lights up every time I hold up his favourite toy.

#3. “I am the youngest member of the Chau family and I deserve a bed, pillow and a bolster just like my brothers!” #4. Other than my boyfriend’s morning kiss, this is the best alarm clock. x

#5. J the sweetheart got bored waiting for me. Always my little heart throb. #6. Sleepy morning bed hijacker is at work again.

#7. “Can I drive like my brudda when I grow up?” #8. Morning furball always squeezing up on the corner of the bed. With his favourite toy.

#9. Baby boy waiting for me to cut a fruit for him. Look at him smiling! #10. How my favourite boy and I chillax together.

#11. Spent some time with my sweetie this morning doing what he likes best —staring into the pool. #12. My favourite boys ending the night with a hug. Brotherly love.

It’s amazing how big this little fella has grown, but yet he is still so childlike in so many ways – how he pounces on me when I arrive at The Chau’s, and runs to grab his toy to lure me to play with him; how he climbs up the bed and waits patiently for me to wake up and spend some time with him in the morning; how he always sits beside me patiently when I am doing my own things. This little sweetheart, he is way too precious to me. More than what words can say.

Thank you for bring so much joy and love into my life for the past two (coming to three) years. Please stay healthy and happy, and grow old together with me. I love you, my silly baby boy. x

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