Hello, Stranger.

Caffe Latte and Long Black

Salami Sandwich

Waffle with Greek Yogurt and fruits

Since the long-distance relationship has come to an end, the boyfriend and I haven’t had a proper date together until last Sunday. Headed over to Strangers’ Reunion – after wanting to visit this place since forever – and it was definitely worth the visit. The both of us enjoyed our share of food (and each other’s), but I guess the only downside was that it was extremely crowded and we wished we dropped by on a weekday so that we could spend hours chatting over good food.

It was such a simple day; we held hands and walked through the drizzle instead of taking the train from a place to another. And to round off the night, we walked over to Song Fa Bak Kut Teh to have a warm dinner in the cold night. So simple, so blissful.

Days like these are the days that I look forward to every week. Days with you pushes me through the crazy week at work.

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