Club Street

Truffle egg on toast

Bacon, egg and maple butter panini

Lobster Bisque

Nutella bread pudding, ice cream

Ziwei and I finally got the chance to have a one-on-one date together after talking about it since forever. We had an amazing lunch at Club Street Social – my second visit there, and the food never fails me. I ordered a Truffle Egg Toast for myself and I was overwhelmed by the taste, and the surprise of the egg flowing as I sliced the bread just like that of an Egg Benedict’s. Oh, and the crispiness of the toast too. Absolutely divine it is making me salivate just at the thought of it. The smell of Ziwei’s maple butter panini really made me want a share too. We stuffed ourselves silly but still ordered a dessert because the table beside us had the Nutella Bread Pudding and it smells so divine, coming from a non-chocolate lover like me. The taste was nothing less than amazing too – the combination of warm and cold.

As I grow, I learn to enjoy the bliss and comfort of having one-on-one meet ups with my friends though I still love attending a massive gathering of friends (my poly mates and I always have such gatherings, and I’m still counting these blessings). People whom I meet one-to-one are the ones that I hold really close to my heart.

Precious. x

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