Close to the heart

Just yesterday, Jon and I were having a heart to heart talk in bed before calling it a night. I decided to let down my reserves and spilled all the weakness I have in me since forever, and he took it all and gave me the best advice and the best shoulders to rely on. I never thought that I could be this open with him — even with the deepest secrets about myself that I couldn’t even face how weak and pathetic I was. And the most amazing thing was that he could see and already know all of this I before I could say a word about it. It was so comforting that he didn’t look at me thinking about how pathetic I was. It was as though he was a mind reader, and we talked about how both of us can grow as an individual together. We are so different yet so alike, and so many things about us just falls in place nicely. I have learnt so much from him, and I definitely won’t be what I am today if my path didn’t take a change by having him in my life.

This is the very reason why I love this man with all my heart — and this heart belongs to my best friend. Despite the fact that we make each other upset and angry from time to time, we still give each other the best support and advice possible. The fact that we are not afraid to share our unhappiness so that we can work for a better future together.

Thank you for loving me the way you do, Jonathan. And here’s to building a better future for us; as an individual and as a duo.

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