Oui, l’amour doux

Photos taken and edited by Kristen of Krischizophrenicten

My dear friend, Kristen, offered to do a photoshoot for Jon and I and we figured that it’d be internesting, so off we went to join her in a day of sweat under the hot sun! It was Jon’s first time meeting Kris and they talked like there wasn’t any awkwardness at all, and we had so much fun that we just felt like ourselves around her! We were even more excited and pleased (honestly, a little blown away as well) when we looked at the photos especially the little comic strip (here) that she worked her creative juices on. They were so cute we loved it so much! We went to so many secluded corners of Singapore that none of us have ever visited before, and the boyfriend even brought us further deep into the abandoned area where he used to play when he was in primary school.

Do consider grabbing your friends, family or your other half to do a shoot with this lady. Do check out her facebook page here (and share some love too!), I’m sure you’ll love what she has to offer. ☺

6 thoughts on “Oui, l’amour doux

  1. hello! came across ur blog last year and have been a faithful reader since! =D love ur writing style and ur pics! both u and jon look so good and happy tog! stay happy XD

    • XINYI, Hello babe, thank you for your kind words. Heh, Jon and I are indeed happy together and we do have our bad times together too. But no complains because this is all part and parcel of a relationship! :)

    • EMILY, Thank you blue puppy! I miss you too! Can’t wait for next Sunday to work it out (and to eat it out too)! :p

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