ODP x Angelina & Jon

Roasted field mushrooms on toasted brioche with truffle purée

Jamón ibérico croque monsieur

48 hour cooked braised beef cheek with mochi potatoes, carrot puree and snow pea tendrils

Chocolate and pistachio souffle, creme anglaise

Classic english apple crumble

Jon and I met up with Angelina for lunch at Open Door Policy last Sunday for some quality brunch and talks together. Never once did I regret getting into a long distance relationship with Jon. It’s only because he went over to Melbourne to pursue his studies did he get to meet amazing people like them, and they helped him grow in every way. Anyway, all of us enjoyed our food at ODP and I was so glad that I decided to revisit this place. Recommended the boyfriend the beef cheeks because I knew he’d love it, and I was right. Had such a great afternoon there having quality chats, feeling like we are out of Singapore.

Ever since the boy and I returned from Melbourne, we have been packed on almost every Sunday meeting up with friends (both his and mine together) I haven’t exactly found a chance to slow down my life. But no complains right there because every single meet up was spent over quality food and company. It feels so different now that almost every one is slowly entering the working world, how our conversations changed into something more mature – investments, housing etc. Though the fact about growing up scares and pressurize me a little, I’m so glad that I’ve got to meet such amazing people making a mark for their own lives – it’s almost motivating for me to make mine work too.

Here’s hoping that there’s a better tomorrow for us to look forward to! x

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