B L ❀ S S ❀ M

1/7: Both Kellyn and Jon were primary school classmates. Jon was a cheeky boy and liked to throw rocks at the passing KTM trains after school. Kellyn thought he was an annoying boy. 

2/7: Almost 5 years later, they somehow started talking again on Friendster.

3/7: And then Jon left to study in Melbourne :'(

4/7: And then a relationship blossomed, a long distance one, from Singapore to Melbourne.

5/7: During those years, Kellyn visited Jon in various places. They skyped (according to Kellyn only sometimes :P) They went for trips together. They took lots of photos. And they counted down till when they would meet again.

6/7: Jon’s finally graduated and coming home! :) Look at that accomplished face!

7/7: This is the final scene from our mini story here, but the real story really hasn’t ended. They’ve got an adventure ahead of them still. Till then, stay tuned! ;)

Taken by Kristen of Krischizophrenicten

Happy 78th month to the sweetest man that has ever walked on the surface of Earth. ♥

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