New Zealand’s definitely one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to, and this just makes me miss going on hours of drives on the road just enjoying the beauty of magnificent Mother Nature.


6 thoughts on “AO TEA ROA x Vlog

  1. hahaha oh my, the way you run is too cute! I replayed it twice just to laugh! heehee. :D This video of New Zealand makes me feel like teleporting there now! So beautiful! :) Love the video!!! (Y)

    • ESTELLA, Hahahaha it was intentional! I wanted to do a rewind version of it but then I took it off ahahaha. It is really beautiful! Plan a road trip there with Ant! But I guess you will be the one who needs to drive! :P

  2. Oh my, the rainbow’s so beautiful and so is the love between the both of you! I wanna go New Zealand right now looking at your video and photos, oh man!

    • EMILY, Awww Emily you are so sweet. Wait till you see us fight in front of you teeheehee. New Zealand is so picturesque I think you will enjoy snapping away just like I do! :D

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