Pantry at the Stables

Sticky Date

Banoffee Pie

Lemon Brûlée Tart

Estella and I wanted to visit Pantry at the Stables since a few months back, and we thought that it might be a good idea to bring the guys along too now that Jon’s back for good. The cutest couple I know – Anthony and Estella – would really light up everywhere they go as long as they are together. Jon and I had such a good time with this duo on a rainy Sunday afternoon. The boys talked none stop, even more than the girls. I could tell from Estella’s eyes that, just like me, all we really wanted was a bed after all the awesome food to just snooze the sunday away to the sound of the drizzle. Anyway, the food was good and we all loved the desserts the best. My favourite has got to be the lemon brûlée tart while Jon loved the sticky date. When we finally decided to leave the place after hours of chatting, we caught a sight of a horse grazing and a man taking his horse for a stroll.

It was such a perfect day despite the rain. I’m looking forward to the next double date together with this duo already! x

3 thoughts on “Pantry at the Stables

  1. Mmmm looking at these photos makes me feel hungry again! I want some dessert nao!!! heh. thanks for the double date again, lovebirds!!! ^^ I had a great time that day!

    • ESTELLA, You’re making me hungry again. I think the highlight was really the desserts isn’t it? We should do this again soon heh! :D

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