L E G ☀ L A N D

[From Sook Fung’s Camera]

[Taken with the iPhone]

On a fine Thursday, the girls and I made an effort to arrange for a day off from work and head over to Johor, Malaysia for a one day escapade to Legoland! Thank goodness for the good weather, but the sun was so strong I came back home three shades darker. ☹ Truth to be told, I’d rather pay an addition SGD$10 and head over to Universal Studios Singapore because the theme park was really made for young kids. Well, let’s just say the next time round I’d be heading back to this place would be when my kids are about 4-5 years old at least.

We drove over to the Premium Outlets and as ridiculous (and perhaps, stupid) as it sounds, I bought three pairs of flats from Vincci for only less than SGD$50! So proud and happy of my cheap loots! And I had one of the cheapest yet most wide spread Korean BBQ feast at only SGD$13.20/pax. I ate to my heart’s content with such awesome food on my taste buds! :D

I had such a great night out with my girlfriends, I’m already looking forward to the next unplanned trip across the causeway! x

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    • HELLO STRANGER Hi sorry for the terribly late reply because I just got to see your msg. I’m using the Olympus ep3 (yes the one in white) and I would think its a pretty good camera. You can read up more about the camera from the reviews online. :)

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