B A K E R & C O O K

Cupcake Weekend by Jolene
(Taken on the iPhone)

Last Sunday, I met up with Gwen and Jolene for some cakes and tarts at Baker & Cook. I got to know these two amazing girls via instagram, and as I was a little worried that I might be awkward (which I usually do around strangers or people I just met) but I was nothing like that. We yakked away through the entire afternoon we had together and talked about random things under the sun it was pretty amazing. Beautiful ladies inside out!  That aside, I really enjoyed the pastries at Baker & Cook, especially the lemon tart and the blueberry cheesecake. Though the interior seating is limited, I have something for cafes with communal tables for some reason. I wouldn’t mind taking the outdoor seating on a breezier day! I’m definitely heading back here for more without a doubt. x

Also, the baking talent Jolene baked some amazingly mindblowing cupcakes for Gwen and I to try and it was fantastic – if not, better! I’m not a fan of cupcake but this was so good it was an instant perk up to any day! Do share some love by liking Cupcake Weekend’s Facebook page here, or even drop some of your orders to cupcakeweekend@gmail.com. I promise you won’t be disappointed. ♡

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