Old friends are the gems that never gets old

Kristen offered to do a photoshoot for Jon and I, and in the midst of it the three of us headed down to Carpenter & Cook to try out their food. We were a little disappointed to know that there wasn’t any mains for us to order, especially when we actually arrived an hour before the operating hours. We ordered two quiche and brioche, and two pots of tea to go alone as we chat through our stay there. I’m honestly still surprised about how much I can talk around Kristen even though we have been catching up in each other’s lives for such a long time, and I can tell that Jon feels perfectly comfortable being around her without any signs of awkwardness despite its their first time meeting each other!

On a side note, Kristen has been slowly uploading the photos of the photoshoot and I am loving every single of it I am actually dying to see the rest of them. But this girl choose to upload them one by one so I guess I can only wait! Jon and I were so glad that we actually got a chance to work with Kristen for a shoot because it was so fun and her creativity made the results absolutely brilliant – and may I add, cute! I’ll definitely be sharing her beautiful work up here when I receive the photos from her, so stay tune! x

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