Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee

Stepping into a cafe with an old school exterior but modern interior near the heartland of my estate feels like a great getaway from the hectic city life. (I think I am constantly looking for a place to run away from the city, somehow.) Woke up early and took on a morning walk to to Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee for breakfast with Esther last week before heading to work. It was a good catch up with each other about the past three weeks that we missed out on each other’s lives since I was out of town, and it was a much needed one. Oh, and this cafe plays its music off a gramophone, how classic! The food was not too bad, but the coffee was great.

I really cherish breakfast hunts with Esther because this is pretty much the only time we can get to have some friend time instead of colleague time together. It does mean a lot to me.  And this is me getting back on a new life back in Singapore, with the boyfriend by my side. It’s time to learn trying to juggle between love and friends. x

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