Breakfast Theives x Nando’s x Carlton Wine Room

The Legend
Spicy baked eggs with spanish chorizo, baby spinach, spiced tomato ragout, goats’ feta served with herbed garlic toast 

The Breakfast Chain
A mixed board of honey baked apple & sultana with hazelnut crumble, granola & fruit yoghurt, soft boiled eggs and cheese toastie soldiers


The boyfriend and I woke up early and drove off to Fitzroy to have the best breakfast I’ve had in Melbourne thus far, thanks to my little research before I headed over to Melbourne! Truly proud of it because this was a newly opened brunch place – or so I know – not even Jon’s foodie friends knew about it. So glad that we didn’t give up visiting this place because I was getting a little sick of the typical brunch meals. The moment my breakfast – The Breakfast Chain – was served, the both of us were already blown away by how appetizing this meal looked, and it was! My superboy raved about how he enjoyed his share – The Legend – and how happy he was at the larger-than-usual portion of baked eggs! If you are planning a trip down to Melbourne, I’d say that Breakfast Thieves is a must try!

Later that night, we settled for Nando’s for dinner because according to Jon, that’s the place that his housemates and him like to frequent together. We ordered a feast, while Jon & Chan both ordered a large set each and finished up the challenge that the both of them had set to complete. Sigh, and the both of them finished up everything they ordered. We took on an almost-thirty-minutes walk over to The Carlton Wine Room for desserts and wine as the final gathering with his peers before Jon had to depart back to Singapore (for good). The desserts was absolutely good, so was the white & red wine we ordered.

There’s just something beautiful about Melbourne that I love, and it feels rather sad not to know when would be the next time I’d be heading back. ☹ This place will always hold a special meaning to me.

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