European x Two Buoys

Eggs Benedict’s, Eggs Florentine, Croque Madame, European

Creamy spanish prawns

Beef Sliders

Truffle mushroom pizza

On the second last day of my trip to Melbourne, Ashlyn brought us to European for brunch. This girl was telling me about the good reviews she has heard about this place, and actually waited for my arrival to try it together. *Awww* She’s such a sweetheart. ♡ Despite wanting to try out the Eggs Benedict’s, I got myself the European instead. I think the only regret was that I have no idea why I opted for the poached eggs when what I wanted was the scrambled. :S All in all, the food was good and the setting was beautiful.

Later that evening, after our hot springs adventure, we headed to over to Two Buoys because we were so famished! Ordered some of the same dishes as we did the last time Jon & I visited the place just because he loved the food here. And I believe we over estimated our hunger and over ordered.

I miss everything about roadtripin’ around a big country, even if it means finding food or going on a little excursion after hours of drive. How perfect would life be if we drove off from one place to another over the weekends to find somewhere new. A girl can only dream. Constantly. x

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