Mornington Peninsula Thermal Springs ♨

On the second last day of my three week long vacation, the boyfriend brought Ashlyn and I to the best thermal springs – or so he claimed. Truth to be told, I was a little hesitant to spend a part of my time visiting a thermal spring after the one we visited in Hanmer Springs (New Zealand) was pretty much a disappointing trip. But I was actually very glad that we visited the ones in Mornington because it was such an enjoyable experience.

We took on a two hour drive, arrived at the thermal springs and froze as we were walking to the thermal pools in the cold weather. But as we soaked ourselves, it was so relax and the cold wasn’t even something we can’t handle any more. The view was beautiful, and it just feels good soaking in the heat of the spas. I have always loved soaking myself in hotter waters even in Singapore. We had our fair share of fun running and jumping around in the quieter corners of the springs it was hilarious.

This was definitely a much more worthy trip than the one we visited in Hanmer Springs. If you have half a day to spare when  you are in Melbourne, consider driving out to Mornington!

P.S: I think it makes it more fun if it’s in winter. ;)

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