The Mailing Room x Nine Elephants

Eggs Benedict’s

Truffle Eggs

 The boyfriend and I went on a date together and had brunch at The Mailing Room. So thankful that the boyfriend is willing to drive all the way out with me just to go on a food hunt together. The passion and interest the both of us share together.

On one of the last few days of my stay in Melbourne, the boyfriend and I took on a drive out to the outskirts for brunch. The Mailing Room was our first stop for our one-on-one brunch date, and though I pretty much enjoyed my share of food, the boyfriend – who’s the picker one of us two – thought that the food could be better and wasn’t too impressed. I have to admit that though I loved my Truffle Eggs, there was barely any taste of truffle in it so that’s where the disappointment came in. ☹ But I really loved the Soup of the day – pumpkin, carrot and bacon soup with parmesan croutons and chives oil.

That entire day, the boyfriend and I just went around the city eating non-stop. I thought he was kidding when he told me that he wanted to have Japanese Curry Rice as a mid day energy booster, but he really wasn’t. He gave me the saddest looking face ever when I dragged him away from the shop front, and I guess that face worked. And that very night, I had one of the best Thai food I’ve tasted at Nine Elephants. One of the spiciest Tom Yum Soup I’ve tasted, and one of the better ones in fact. I am actually salivating as I am typing this, I kid you not!

Though I have never been a resident of Melbourne, but there is something about this city I love. Perhaps its the food, perhaps its the people there, or perhaps its just the half-student experience I’ve had every time I visit this place. I’m missing this city quite a tad, and it’s something people may never understand.

It will always hold a special place in me. Somehow.

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