AOTEAROA ✘ Hanmer Springs x Christchurch

DAY NINE 16th August 2012 x Drove 6 hours north from Franz Josef Town to Hanmer Springs. As Jon and I were doing our itinerary, the thermal springs at Hanmer Springs seemed like a must-go but truth to be told, it was quite a disappointment. Imagine waking up in the wee hours of the day and driving for 6 hours and not to be impressed. ☹ Then again, it actually felt pretty damn good to be soaking in the thermal springs and it actually didn’t even feel as cold as before we entered the pool. Somehow it kind of regulated our body temperature. Imagine us wrapping ourselves in thick winter clothes, and the next moment we were walking around the thermal pools in our swimsuit!

DAY TEN 17th August 2012 x Drove to Christchurch and I was amazed yet sad. Quite a big part of this city was still in ruins from the major earthquake you could see buildings in halves and non-functional traffic lights. But the kiwis did a great job in creating a temporary shopping city made of containers, and it was pretty cool! It was pretty much a short day at Christchurch because we had to return our campervan and head down to the airport. And to share a sad news, we actually paid NZD1,000+ because the windshield of the campervan was damaged, probably due to a rock hitting it or something. ☹

The last day of our trip, and though I was excited to head back to Melbourne City, I felt like I haven’t seen enough of Mother Nature yet.

Ao Tea Roa is definitely heaven on Earth. Somewhere that’s definitely worth visiting. Thank you Jon, for making New Zealand a destination for your graduation trip because it was on the top of my to-visit list. ♥

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