AOTEAROA ✘ Franz Josef Glacier

Lake Wanaka

Gates of Haast

Tea time in a campervan

Franz Josef Glacier

Franz Josef Town Centre

DAY SEVEN 14th August 2012 x Took on another six hour long drive from Queenstown to Franz Josef Glacier. We decided to take on a shorter route via Cardrona, which meant that we actually had to drive up the mountains. That can actually be pretty scary especially when the vehicle is that huge. Stopped over at Wanaka, and we continued our journey. Every single river along the drive seemed to be so clear we could see every single rock and stones underneath. We arrived at Franz Josef Town Centre past evening, and it was so dark we just headed to our parking site and prepared dinner to turn in early.

DAY EIGHT 15th August 2012 x Woke up early and we drove over to Franz Josef Glacier which was just about 20 minutes drive from our parking site. We had to walk through a stone field for about an hour, even though our destination looked so close to us! The walk felt like forever. Truth to be told, I was expecting something more magnificent than what was before my eyes. ☹ Some of the tourist actually went beyond the fenced border and went even closer up towards the glacier, but I was too much of a coward to join them even though I wish I could see more.

But one thing I really love is how we cruise through the dark roads of New Zealand and we can see beautiful night view of the entire sky filled with stars. So surreal, so enchanting.

I love how New Zealand brings us so close to nature. And I love what the kiwis do to keep their environment as original as possible. x

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  1. I see a glimpse of how you and jon will look like when i see photos of his parents posing for a photo together. heh. love all your photos!!! :D

    • ESTELLA, His parents are so cute and loving together! And you are too nice, because I don’t have fantastic photos right here. :( But thank you ET!

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