AOTEAROA ✘ Queenstown

DAY SIX 13th August 2012 x After being around the mountains and greens for most of our stay in New Zealand, it definitely feels good to be in a small city of Queenstown. Queenstown was a three drive away from Te Anau, and is definitely one of Jon & my favourite amongst all the places that we have covered. The fact that this beautiful little city is surrounded by snow capped mountains and a enchanting view of the lake at twilight is way too beautiful. We bought crêpes from this French man, and we bought a unique combination of lemon and sugar instead of the common ones that people would get for themselves (e.g. nutella). We also chanced upon this placed called Ferg Burger, which apparently sells the best burgers in the world. I ordered what the staff recommended – Cockadoodle Oink – and it was so good! (P.S: The burger is bigger than the size of my palm!) Definitely a must try if you are visiting Queenstown!

Queenstown is a place where there are heap loads of action packed activities – think skiing, bungy jump,whitewater rafting. The only pity is that we didn’t do any of these because we had elderly traveling with us. Definitely going to try them one day (without the bungy jump)! x

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