AOTEAROA ✘ Mount John & Lake Tekapo

DAY THREE 10th August 2012 x We drove back to Mount John the next day to bring his folks to have a view of the beautiful place in the day since they didn’t join us on the tour the night before, and its beauty captivated me even more. How can a place look so good both in the day and night? And as usual, it was pretty scary driving up a mountain (let alone, a snow mountain) with such a big vehicle and the winding roads. Thank goodness my boyfriend is a great and safe driver. Lake Tekapo took a colour of cyan, and it was huge. Always knew that lakes can be so huge until I’ve step foot here in New Zealand. The view of the Southern Alps was magnificent. Nature always has its way to take my breath away like this. ♥

Took on a five hour drive from Lake Tekapo to Te Anau. It’s so taxing on the boyfriend to be the sole driver through this entire trip, I try to keep myself awake as much as I could to keep the boyfriend company. I guess all I could do is to keep talking so that it wouldn’t make the boyfriend feel sleepy (or maybe it made it worse hahaha). We sang songs out loud like retards through the drive it was pretty much the both of us entertaining ourselves. :P Along the way, we stopped over at High Country Salmon Farm where we bought the freshest salmon I’ve ever tasted! It was so good I wished we bought more. ☹

This has gotta be my favourite place, and my best set of photos from the entire trip here.

8 thoughts on “AOTEAROA ✘ Mount John & Lake Tekapo

  1. Pictures worthy to be hang on the walls at home. Why you gt to such beautiful places and I’m stuck in spore? :((

    • EMILY, AWWW you are too nice with your words! But thank you, they are my favourite set of photos through the entire trip! <3 :D


    • CHAN XI, Heehee thank you Chanxi! :D It’s really a beautiful place it’s impossible to get an ugly shot there. But don’t expect pictures as beautiful as these any more. This was the best of my trip! I am returning back to Melbourne tonight! x

  3. Hello Kellyn! :)

    wow absolutely breathtaking! everything there in your pictures’ so blue!! makes me feel blue being in singapore!! wonderful wonderful trip, continue to have fun okay! <3

    • JAZREEL, Hey babe! Thank you for your kind compliments. I think anything that has a clear blue sky generally makes the picture a whole look prettier looking doesn’t it? :D x

  4. absolutely loving this set of photos! so gorgeous! :) aww miss you babe! glad you are living it up in new zealand though. heh. come back and tell me all your travel stories!!!!

    • ESTELLA, I love them too! But I think this is probably the best I could offer from my entire trip. :( I have not much travel stories to share though! It’s all nature admiration here! :D

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