AOTEAROA ✘ Kaikoura & Mount John

DAY ONE 8th August 2012 x We landed in Christchurch in the afternoon, and went over to pick up our campervan to kick start our trip! There was quite a bit to learn about the vehicle, which would also be our accomodation through the 10 days in Ao Tea Roa. Took on a two hour drive towards Kaikoura but it wasn’t an easy drive for the boyfriend. Think about having to drive such a big vehicle for the very first time, and that the fact that bad weather has struck. It was such a heavy rain, and the winding roads through the coastline of Kaikoura in complete darkness without any road lights made the drive rather scary. Not forgetting that driving along the coastline meant strong winds as well. Jon was saying how he actually had to grip on to the steering wheel with all his might through the two hours. It was pitch dark by 5.30pm and we couldn’t see anything further than 400m. We even had to drive at 35km/h at some point. ☹ When we arrived at our campervan park site, we just washed up and hit the sack shortly after. Jon and I took the upper deck of the campervan and the rain that was hitting on the roof of the campervan was our lullaby for the night.

DAY TWO 9th August 2012 x I was praying through the entire night that it’d stop raining because we were going for whale watching, and it did! But much to my disappointment, all cruises for whale watching that day was cancelled due to the rough sea conditions. How unlucky! It was one of the highlights that I was looking forward for the trip. ☹ We headed to the supermarket and bought groceries to stock up for campervan, and we set off on a 5 hour drive to Fairlie, where we would be camping at for the next half of the day. Along the way we caught quite a few rainbows, and me being me, I went “BABY, BRING ME TO THE END OF THE RAINBOW”. Jon replied “Yes, okay.” And he did. This boy really makes me smile with his little actions it was pretty hilarious. Can’t believe we actually saw the end of the rainbow. ☺

When we arrived at Fairlie, we cooked our own dinner at the kitchen in the campsite! It always makes me happy that Jon and I are always trying out something new together. ☺ Fairlie is a 40 minutes drive away from Lake Tekapo, and along the way, the entire sky was filled with little stars it was a beautiful sight! Jon and I board a coach to go on a tour up Mount John – where an observatory for astronomers were located at – to go for a spectacular view of the night sky. The observatory maintains its darkness in the area, no white light was allowed in the premises. That meant that the coach driver actually had to turn off his car headlights halfway up the mountain. Think about driving up winding roads up the mountain in pitch dark, it’s actually pretty scary! Thank God the driver had good skills and he probably knew all the bends up the road. I was so glad that I was able to capture what I saw up in the sky that night on my camera. It was Glorious. So beautiful I could just sit there and admire the beauty of nature through the night.

Mother Nature never fails to amaze me. ✘

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    • CAMILLE, Heh thanks babe! It’s not the southern light though! The observatory only uses red light in their facilities perhaps that’s why it looks like something from the sky but it isn’t! If you are talking about the sky, it’s purely the stars! :D x

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