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The housemates

University of Melbourne

This is the day that I have been looking for through the past 76 months. Our relationship was built on long distance relationship, and we knew that whatever that was laid before us wasn’t gonna be easy. I still remembered clearly how insecure I was through the first few months of this relationship, constantly having doubts if we rushed into it for companionship or if it was true love. Sometimes all we can do is to be patient and time will tell, and I guess it did. Who would have knew that love from the innocence of that of two seventeen year olds would brought us this far. Everything about us fell in place perfectly, even the disagreements and quarrels.

I don’t know how words can even justify to all these overwhelming emotions that are running through me, it’s like I can just drift around anywhere high on love with your breathing presence beside. The deep serenity you fill me with through the hectic harsh reality of life. Just last week as I was flipping through the old folders I had in my hard drive, I chanced upon a file that I saved back in 2007 – a MSN conversation that we had as we were bickering. The one and only MSN conversation I saved. “I told myself, no matter how bitter our arguement can go, I will still love you. cos I love you”, you said. Even though I can’t remember what the argument was about, it made my heart went fuzzy.

Looking through the text messages you sent me through our first dating phase, and it just made me smile. The messages of pain and agony when you had to leave your family and I, the love sick messages that you sent, and the times you dropped me hints that you don’t want to leave me and want to keep me by your side instead of departing to Melbourne for studies. I read through these messages of pain with a smile on my face. I still remember the days when there wasn’t any whatsapp, where overseas text-messaging is expensive, the days when we’d email each other every single day. This is the separation that has brought us together.

“I’ll tell u what I wanna say first. I can’t resist falling for you. From the moment I knew that there’s a chance to fly, I stopped myself from liking anyone so I can leave peacefully. I never had a long distance relationship before but I can see that is tough. I think from the moment I confess to u, I’m ready for this challenge.”

If given a chance to turn back time, I’d still stick to my choice of going through this long distance relationship with you. I’m so glad that Jon took on this path to study in a foreign land and grew to be someone that I can rely so much on. And because of him, I’ve met lovely people across the globe and have gotten a chance to see many places around the world.

Happy birthday and a blessed graduation darling. And not forgetting, thank you for the past 76 months – a very happy and blissful 76 months of my life. Thank you for helping me love life. ♡

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