Fate has its future well-planned x

Camberwell Flea Market with Ashlyn x Dim sum for lunch at Shark Fins House x Dinner at Spicy Fish x A walk along Yarra River

Jon’s parents and grandparents arrived in Melbourne yesterday, and that just means more asian food while they are here! (YAY!) While the boyfriend picked up his parents from the airport today, his cousin and I woke up early and took a tram to Camberwell Flea Market. There was quite a huge crowd and there were some interesting things that were sold – mainly second hand items. I bought a little teddy for Jon at AUD$5 though heehee. The big child in us never dies. ;) Bought a few hand made soaps for my friends, and none for myself. But the best thing I’ve found over there would be this stall that sells really good hot soup (absolutely perfect for this cold weather). I loved it so much I actually got my second cup!

You’d actually be surprised to know that actually Melbourne has good asian food, and some even better than what we actually have back home. As I’m typing this, I’m actually craving for more Korean food right here. ☹ I’m looking forward to whatever that is coming up in this trip, but I’m not looking forward to how quickly time is passing. ☹

Meanwhile, something exciting is brewing! ;)

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