Brighton x Mornington ☀


Spanish Cheese Prawns

Pork Ribs

Olive oil tasting

Surprise Staycation at Brighton planned by the boyfriend x Brighton beach x Lunch at Two Buoys x Horseback riding and winery tours x Dinner at Tom Phat

I haven’t had such a good day in such a long time! Woke up to the loveliest face beside, and we set off from our one night staycation at Brighton. Drove down to Brighton beach where we sat down to have fish fillet and coffee while enjoying the sun and the subtle sea breeze all at the same time. Took on another 20 minutes drive over to Two Buoys to have tapas styled lunch as recommended by the boyfriend. The first bite of the Spanish Cheese Prawns was actually good, but as it goes down the throat the spiciness starts to set in which was pretty interesting! Nothing too spicy that we can’t handle though.

And the highlight of the day was the four hour long horseback riding through the winery over in Mornington. I had such a great fear when I first got on the horse that was assigned to me – Hannah – but she turned out to be quite a good ride! Trotting was pretty scary initially, but as we rode through the winery and the muddy trails it just got better. We got to taste quite a bit of white and red wine at the winery, and I got high rather quickly it became less fearful riding on a horse. (Think about drink driving, I was drink riding!)

It’s so good to be able to finally strike another item off my bucket list with the one that matters the most. So glad that this sweetheart has got everything planned out while I was so far away from him. Being in Melbourne makes me feel like I’m an overseas student without the homework and stress. Being with Jon makes me live the life that I’ve never had. x

8 thoughts on “Brighton x Mornington ☀

  1. I like how Jon looked like he was struggling to smile in the first few pics…haha.

    What cam/lens?

    • RAELENE, Thank you! I believe I will be having hell of a great time here! Stay warm in Sydney! x

  2. Very beautiful. U look damn chio in it, blended right in, hahaha! I love the photos lah, esp of the scenery!

    Oh yes, Teach me how to achieve the curves for this color tone of the photos! :P

    Have fun darling!

    • EMILY, You mean the pictures are beautiful eh? I guess it is really the place. It’s almost like any photo that’s taken in Australia is just beautiful. Will teach you when I am back! ;) Plan a date! x

  3. You look v radiant and beautiful cause you are basking in happiness! Feel so happy for you from spore toooo :D

    Okay, date me 3 weeks later!

    • EMILY, I am indeed happy but I am not so sure about the radiant part. My skin hasn’t been very good to me lately. (I think it has never been good to me actually.) :(

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