End of the final separation, the start of a better forever more.

Cheese Chicken Bulgogi

Spicy Tofu Stew

Beef Ribs

Breakfast at Hopetoun Tea Rooms x Lunch at CJ Lunch Bar x Dating with the boyfriend around Melbourne City x Sat outside the State Library with Jon, along with a cup of Boost Juice each and the melodious voice of a busker near by x Asian fusion dinner at Red Spice Road

It’s my third time to Melbourne, but it is the very first time that I made my way to the boyfriend’s place without him picking me up from the airport. Felt like an independent little girl growing up, and the feeling of being able to travel alone always makes me feel like I’ve grown. :p While Jon and I were sitting on the grass outside of the Melbourne State Library, there was this little boy that caught both of our attention. He was playing on his own, running up the slope, drop down on the grass and started rolling down. Repeatedly. Without a care for the world, he was such a joy to look at. On a side note, I am so glad that my cravings for Korean food has been satisfied today! :D

The weather has been really good today. 8 degrees with minimal wind, cold but bearable. And finally being in the warm embrace of my boyfriend really makes the world a lot better. On a side note, the boyfriend has planned a surprise staycation over here in Melbourne for the both of us and we will be setting off tonight! :D And what follows tomorrow will be horse-riding and winery tours. He also has booked a hot air balloon ride, so yay! My stay in Melbourne is definitely turning out to be more exciting that what I am expecting it to be! ✌

4 thoughts on “End of the final separation, the start of a better forever more.

  1. Jon’s hair is cooler than yours.

    Anyway,what’s that street where you took the pic of the guy with his accordion? Its gonna be my street hunting ground during my next MEL flight with my gf :)

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