Expired Ektachrome 160 x Velvia 100

Random photography wtih Faidhi x Steamboat with Amanda + the boys at Darren’s x Alone time with me chilling by the pool x A dim sum treat with the folks on Father’s Day x The Coastal Settlement with the girlfriends on a lazy Sunday

Part two of the three rolls of films that I’ve developed. (Same issue, pretty dark photos. ☹) These photos have been way overdue I couldn’t even remember what the content of the rolls were just before I sent them for developing. O’well, the surprise (and disappointment) film photography brings.

I was told that when expired films are crossed processed, they would turn out more or less the same as fresh ones. So I thought why not give the expired films a try and have them processed the way they should be. And well, I guess it brought me quite a bit of a surprise right there with the bluish hue through the photos. On a random note, I totally dig the colours that slides produce because they colours are still so gorgeous despite it being underexposed as compared to using negatives (refer to my previous entry). Wished that slides were cheaper, and that they come in a much higher ISO.

Happier note: Tomorrow is the last day off from work before I jet set away on a long holiday. I am totally hyped up and my heart’s skipping a bit as I think about this! ✈

8 thoughts on “Expired Ektachrome 160 x Velvia 100

  1. Hi baybeh!!! :)

    I like the first photo welly much. And that one of you holding your dslr! (Y) MORE MORE MORE!!! ehehehh.

    • ESTELLA, Heehee, thanks for your kind words as always ET! (You are definitely the kinder one of us both hehehehe) Too bad I do not have anything to offer until I jet set away! CAN’T WAIT! :D x

  2. So tell me how you gonna shoot indoors? ISO100 definitely wont cut it…unless maybe if you have total manual conrol.Like f1.4 iso100 and 1/15th second.

  3. I love the first shot too! More of films! Can’t wait to see your photos from your trip! :D Take care babeee

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