Evil Twins on Analogue

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I finally got down to bringing my rolls of film down to process and it burnt a hole in my pocket. ☹ And the photos didn’t turn out to be exactly as beautiful as I wished I had captured them in. Definitely due to my poor photography skills right here. As seen, this roll of film turned out under exposed because of the wrong choice of film used and this is definitely one thing that digital beats analogue photography any day. I had to adjust the colours on photoshop a little so the details of the pictures could be seen better. ☹ Note to self: Please use a higher ISO film for all indoor shots.

So anyway, before catching up with Estella on our girly date Monday, I headed over to Dean & Deluca to grab some breakfast because I was hungry. And if you haven’t already know, I loved the caramel macchiato and I paired it with an apricot danish. ☺

I was so happy when I finally got a chance to meet my evil twin after not seeing her for a almost two months since she went on a really long graduation trip! We spent our afternoon lazing at Antoinette at Palais which made it a perfect place to catch up, listening to her one and a half month long adventure to the United States. Loved the garden setting in this place. I had such a long day with this girl but it just felt like it passed so quickly. So much to share, so little time.

This girl never fails to make me laugh at her nonsense and her silliness. ♥

4 thoughts on “Evil Twins on Analogue

  1. Is that top from LB? haha, I had that in Blue, but I return it to them and have it exchanged for voucher.

  2. harrow my dear ET!!! :) so happy that you finally uploaded the pics! Idk why but everytime we develop our rolls of film, I’ll feel super anxious and excited for both of us. Hahahaha. But my saddest moment has to be when my Chinatown roll turned out blank T_T Hope this time everything’s ok!!!

    Y’know every time I see your entries, I’ll feel a leetle bit more hardworking? Hahahaha *ahem* So please ah…. You need to post more. Teehee. Thanks for the happy day out! I had so much fun talking nonsense with you. My jaws always ache whenever we meet. Hahahaha. <3

    • ESTELLA, My life has been pretty boring you see. :( I guess the thing about analogue photography is all the anxiety it brings! I believe your photos will be getting better, so please have them developed soon because I can’t wait to see them! And you are so full of nonsense! I will see you when I get back from my trip okay? Love you! x

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