Eggs & Pancakes

Breakfast Hunt #4: Privé at Keppel Bay

Truth to be told, the month of July drains my wallet like as if there is no tomorrow. Going on birthday meals with my friends, and the usual breakfast hunt to pamper ourselves a little from the mundane work routine is actually pretty painful for the pocket. This, I promise, is the second last fancy meal I will have for the month (I’ve another date coming up and I can hear my purse sighing again), and I’ll do nothing more than $4/meal.

So anyway, this is the forth breakfast hunt and it was off to Privé at Keppel Bay. I was a little disappointed with my Eggs Royale, which was just an identical version of the Eggs Benedict except that they changed the ham for the smoked salmon. The poached egg didn’t even ooze out as what a good poached egg should – in my opinion at least. And Esther’s pancakes came in a size smaller than expected. ☹ Despite the dark clouds that the day, I guess its ambience make up for a quick escape away from the bustle hustle of the city in the good company of friends.

As delicious as good as it may seem, I am actually getting a little sick of brunches. Can’t wait to be slurping on a good bowl of sliced fish noodles or a filling bowl of porridge from Maxwell Market right now. Guess despite enjoying western cuisine, my comfort food is still what is a stone throw away. Will be stuffing my face in Chinese food till I jet set to Melbourne, where I will be probably stuffing myself with more brunches and pasta.

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