July turns me 23 x Cuatro

My babygirl

#4. Birthday brunch with Amanda at Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar

#5. Dinner with Amanda and the boys at Da Paolo Bistro Bar

Have been looking forward to a one-to-one date with my precious girl, and we had brunch at Skyve. The food was decent and I really enjoyed the time spent with her whenever we are alone. It’s just so different, when we have Jon or the guys around. Alone girlfriend time is always so precious. And thank you bbgirl for the lunch treat, thank you for agreeing to meet me for my birthday instantly without having to check your schedule. Thank you.♥

Met up with the boys thereafter, and we settled at Da Paolo Bistro Bar at Rochester Park. I loved the salmon pizza, it was so good I had quite a few slices. As usual, the guys were (funny) bullies, but you’ll realize that there is nothing to really hide or be shy about when you are around them hearing them talk. I’m actually very thankful to have known this bunch of people because of Jon, and I’m so glad that he has this crazy-yet-reliable bunch of friends to count on.

I had such a great weekend. My much-dreaded birthday turned out to be a lot better than what I had expected it to be. x

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