July turns me 23 x Dos

#2: Birthday Brunch with my lovely DOPT peeps at Graze @ One Rochester

 Just a week before, I texted my best pals from poly to date them out for an impromptu brunch on my birthday itself and I’m so glad that they could make it. ☺ We had brunch together, and I’m so glad I decided to settle for Graze instead. The food was good, and all of us enjoyed our share. Catching up over our meal with random stories to share and update each other with, enjoying the slight rain sound tapping outside as we sat in the outdoor was perfect in every little way.

On a side note, I really loved the simple present th!t Matt got me – a cookbook callead Eating for Two. Initially I was extremely elated (actually, I am still) because it felt like the perfect gift and reason for me to whip up a meal for two pax, until he told me to read the smaller text underneath the title. And I saw the word Pregnancy. It was hilarious actually. But this gift just shows how well this dude knows me. He even added that “I thought this was quite interesting, and I chose a book that has minimal words and loads of pictures. I’m such a bad reader and he knows it. ☺

It was a perfect birthday brunch. Every single thing about it made me smile with a warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside.

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