Surprise from across the Globe


If you are following me on instagram (@kellynting), you’d have already know about this.

It’s just the beginning of July, and though it isn’t my birthday yet, I’ve already received my birthday present from the boyfriend. He got his cousin who was in NYC for a holiday to get a pair of earrings from Tiffany & Co – the one from Fifth Avenue. I’m not exactly a jewelry person, so I asked Jon “why did you had to splurge like this?” His reply touched my heart more than the actual gift did – “I remembered that you regret not buying something from the store when we were in NYC two years back, and I didn’t want you to regret.” Funniest thing is that I actually did buy a pair of Tiffany earrings back when then – which he totally forgotten about – and he bought the exact same one it was hilarious. It was a pair of necklace that I regretted not buying, and I even joked if it was because I paid it for myself and there wasn’t any heartache on his side that’s why it slipped off his mind. And because I was so touched by his effort to get someone to buy it from Fifth Avenue – when he could have gotten it from Melbourne/Singapore –  I didn’t even feel sad that he bought a duplicate pair. The both of us even joked that we should keep this for our future daughter next time.

The chemistry this boy and I have blows me away every single time. Words left unspoken still got its way across to each other one way or another. The miles have nothing on us. I’ve been dreading the arrival of July (but wants the arrival of August in a blink of an eye), but this boy suddenly just made it seem a lot better than what it seemed to be.

I must have done something so right in my past life that I’ve gotten the sweetest boyfriend that has ever walked this surface on Earth. I’m so terribly blessed, and it just feels like I’m walking on sunshine every single day for the past two weeks. ♥

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  1. And yeah ..totally forget about the guy behind the scenes who is doing the exchange…sheesh :P

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