Breakfast Hunts

Hot chocolate and latte

Truffle Mushroom and Jamaican Pork Sandwiches

To make life at work a little easier to get by, Esther and I have agreed to motivate ourselves by waking up earlier on some days to go around the island on a mission to visit great breakfast hunts before work starts. We started our first breakfast hunt two weeks back, but I’ll blog more about it when I’ve got my films developed. Esther wanted to visit Forty Hands at Yong Siak Street for our second breakfast hunt, but we both thought that it was a miss. The sandwiches was mediocre, but Esther loved her hot chocolate. We both thought that our pennies would have gotten us better breakfast somewhere else.

While I’m looking forward to more food adventures, I guess it’s also time for me to watch out on my fitness because I’ve been such a sloth for far too long.

That aside, life is good when you’ve got a good friend who is a fellow glutton who is willing to go on morning food hunts with you, and works together with you. Thank you babe for making life so much more bearable. ♥

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