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Relish x Grin Affair x Ah Loy Thai

If you haven’t already know, while most people dread Mondays, it is my favourite day of the week. My day off from work, my day to roam around the streets without crowd congestion. And the best would be meeting up with friends and going around the island in search of new food hangouts.

Lunch with Emily at Relish by Wild Rocket, and even though I was studying along that stretch for five years during secondary school, I’ve never hung around Cluny Court to know about the little gastro town that’s so near me. I was a little late, but Emily welcomed me with a bowl of mushroom soup with truffle oil, just the way we like it. ☺ Took on a bus ride and we I was determined to try out Grin Affair for desserts after hearing raves about this place. Situated at a secluded corner of an old housing’s void deck, we took on rounds before we finally found Grin Affair. It was definitely interesting trying out cakes in a jar, which Emily and I had strawberry and mango respectively. No doubt that the cakes were real soft, I expected it to be a little more flavourful after hearing so much about it. I guess that’s what happens when you visit somewhere with expectations beforehand.

Dinner with Stacey at Ah Loy Thai because this girl has been wanting to bring me here since a long time back. A cheap and savoury feast I’d say. The tom yum soup was lacking a little from the spice and sour taste which I expected, but the rest was nothing less than good. Definitely a good decision to drop by earlier before the crowd starts queueing up during dinner time.

I had such a sinful Monday, it’s time to slog the rest of my days away and I can’t believe it’s already the last week of June. Have a great week ahead everybody! x

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