Late night indulgence

We had a sinful feast after work on Wednesday night, where we visited one of our regular customer’s business – Tian Tian Hainanese Curry Rice – which in my opinion served pretty good food. Aloysius, our customer who’s really down to earth and easy to strike a conversation with – planned our dinner/supper for the night and all of us were left bloated in happiness. What’s pictured above was just some of what we had. The crabs were exceptionally sweet and the herbal drunken prawns (not pictured) was absolutely delicious. I’m so glad and proud of myself that I managed to resist the temptation to have a bowl of Shark’s fin soup, because it’s a little pact the boyfriend and I had agreed to stay away from. And with Esther being on the same boat as me, it was a little easier.  ✌

On a side note, I spent a bomb on buying a new charger for my Olympus because it has been misplaced (explains why I haven’t been using it for quite some time now) and there’s a hole in my pocket. ☹  But looking at the pictures it produces made me smile, and think that it is probably worth it. So glad to be able to use this baby again after so long, and back are the days when I’ll always have a camera in my bag. ☺

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