“Time is a concept that Humans created”

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A rather impromptu brunch date with March on Sunday, and I suggested to visit Toby’s Estate again because I was craving for more. March ordered Toby’s Breakfast while I ordered Eggs Royale, which I totally enjoyed. Gotta say that I loved the cherry tomatoes on her plate, considering that I am not a tomatoes person. The weather was pretty warm that day so we opted for indoor dining. I will definitely want to drop by and dine outdoor really soon, and I am already putting this on the list of places to visit when the boyfriend’s back by my side for good!

Afterwhich, we took on a long bus ride all the way to Thomson just to try out Salted Caramel’s ice-cream to cool our souls from the blazing weather that day. It was a lovely impromptu Sunday afternoon date with the girlfriend catching up over so much things we have missed in each other’s lives.

So much to do, so little time. I want time to pass faster, yet I need the time to accomplish the things I need to do. The ironies in life. May June be an amazing month ahead for everyone of you! x

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