Toby’s Estate

The night before our meet up, Estella and I had trouble thinking of where to meet/dine at with a few different choices we had in mind and thank God Estella reminded me of visiting Toby’s Estate. It was in my to-eat list, hidden somewhere at the back of my mind, which I obviously had forgotten about. It was definitely worth the trip trying to find this little gem hidden in a quiet corner of a populated central Singapore.

Toby’s Estate served food that made me feel satisfied and healthy, despite the portion looking small. Toby’s granola was absolutely appetizing and filling, along with a influx of anti-oxidants. Estella’s croissant was really crispy on the exterior and soft on the inside. The place was just absolutely perfect if you’re in for a lazy day, just like what we did. We spent hours there talking, and the staff actually invited us over to watch their coffee artist work their magic. Friendly staff and service over good food. Not forgetting that the weather was absolutely breezy that very day too.

Mondays make lazy days so perfect. x

2 thoughts on “Toby’s Estate

  1. The food pic is so tumblr-ish! I love it. :) Had a great time hanging out with you at Toby’s! We need another date at Stables armed with our babies! <3 Can't wait for our next session!!! Hope we'll keep improving heh.

  2. ESTELLA, Heh, thank you ET for your kind words as always! I had a great time with you too. :D Looking forward to our next date already. Meanwhile enjoy your trip to the USA okay! Feeling so hyped up for you! See you in a month and a half’s time! <3 x

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