5D x Leica x Yashica

Expired Ektachrome 160F | Velvia 100F

Met up with Faidhi after a really long time, and the very kind soul in him (despite me being honestly mean hahaha) gave me three rolls of film he had gotten for me to try. We roamed around the city snapping away on our rangefinders, and him being the more experienced rangefinder user told me that the Yashica I had gotten actually had a few problems while the exterior of the camera looked perfectly good. Now I’ve sent it to the Camera Hospital to have it fixed, which will obviously incur additional cost. That means that I didn’t really get the Yashica at a steal after all. ☹

That aside, it was a great day catching up with Faidhi on what has been going on in each other’s lives while our usual routines kept us busy.

(P.S: In case you were expecting photos taken with a Canon 5D based on the title, I’m sorry to disappoint. 5D is Faidhi’s nickname heh. Oh yes, pun intended.)

2 thoughts on “5D x Leica x Yashica

  1. Lame pun!

    But anyway,



  2. FAIDHI, Whatever that works. You are film obsessed and I am not part of it hahaha. Well, I have to admit that film photography has its kind of beauty and it is eating into me. No thanks to you. ☹

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