If you haven’t already know, I’ve got a new member in my family and that’s the Yashica Electro 35 GSN rangefinder camera. I have been inspired by film photography for quite a while already but never dared to commit myself into getting a proper film camera until Faidhi showed me a page where someone is letting go hers. Which makes this a secondhand camera – but in absolutely good condition. The best of all, I got it at a steal.

I am pretty certain that my first roll of film is probably gonna turn out crappy, but that’s okay because I am just going to keep trying until I can produce presentable pictures with this baby.

Hello Beauty from the 1960s, I hope you will surprise me.

2 thoughts on “Y A S H I C H A

  1. CAMILLE, Heehee, yes it is! :D I was a little shock when I saw the size though. Expected it to be pretty small/compact or something!

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