Kukup, Malaysia 2012

Of rain & sunshine x Other words, random days

Bangkok, Thailand 2012

Analogue photography can be so beautiful, despite the fact that I still have got at least 50% of my photos out of focus due to my terrible distance judgement. Light leaks, surprises, and the fact that it refreshes memory of places/moments that I don’t remember experiencing. And I never noticed that light leaks can be this beautiful too. ☺ Finding all the movtivation to stock up more films and have the LC-A+ has a default camera in my bag to snap down random moments, because developing the negatives few months later always, always brings me surprises.

Let’s just hope that my skills in analogue cameras improves over time. (Still terribly upset that quite a fair bit of photos are actually out of focus. ☹) *cross fingers*

6 thoughts on “ANALOGUE ✈

  1. awwww love your pics as always! biggest fan here, whattup! ;)

    so jealouzzzz that you’ve got so many rolls of film and beautiful shots! I love the light leaks!!! beautiful mistake right there eh. okay let’s shoot more film! (and i need to stop shooting the sky at 1.5m -.- ) HAHA.

  2. ‘developing the negatives few months later always, always brings me surprises.’ SO TRUE! BUT THESE PHOTOS ARE REALLY GOOOOOOOD.

  3. ESTELLA, You are always too kind ET! :p I was really just lucky. You didn’t see all the blur shots that I didn’t post up! (Of course I’d only post up the good looking ones!) I was surprised when I saw light leaks heh! Let’s go out and shoot more. I love your “shooting the sky at 1.5m” HAHAHA! (Y)

    CAMILLE, Heehee thanks Camille! Wait till you get your LC-A+ I believe they’d be even better! :D x

  4. These rolls are amazing Kellyn! I think the blurness is okay, it tends to have its own strange charm :)

  5. RAELENE, Thank you babe! I have got more blurred pictures which I didn’t upload but they just purely show the lack of skill. :( But oh well, I am proud of these that I’ve uploaded though! :p

    STACEY, I like it too! We should go out and take more pictures together. :D

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