Yellow Diamonds in the Sky

Polaroids taken over the years

This year is the year I’ve been looking forward to after so long. After years of countless separations and reunions, we are at the last phase of our long distance relationship. In just a few months time, we’d be back in each other’s arms for good, slogging our hearts out together for the future we wanted. Together.

After all these years, and I still hold you as my biggest living pride. Why do I love you? I love how selfless you are. And it just makes me amaze at how humble one can be despite all that you have in life, even though there are times when you annoy me with your ego. It just makes me feel exceptionally blessed – blessed that everything about us have fallen in place so easily and perfectly, right from the very beginning. And it seemed like no obstacle was too difficult when we are both together. You’ve no idea how safe I feel when you are right beside me.

For the past few days, despite how crazy work has been flowing through my daily life, your morning calls to start my day and goodnight calls to round my night makes me feel nothing less than a bird flying through cloud nine. The chemistry we have for each other is something nobody can understand, and no words can explain. All we need to do is to keep our silence, and we’d see us laughing and smiling at each other.

Six years of happiness and hardship together, and many more to come. But that’s alright, because there is nothing stronger than my desire for you and our future together. Our future is nothing but bright. x

Happy Anniversary April’s Fool Sweetheart.

We are such a fool for each other. ♥

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