10 thoughts on “Bangkok, on the roll!

  1. Is ur Autofocus causing me headache? Apart from that, i like it. Very nice.
    Junwen looks like he is rocking when walking backwards

  2. JUNWEN, Thank you! And it is a pleasant surprise to see you here! :p

    JON, You spotted it. I actually had some problems with the autofocusing. :( I believe it’s the lens’ problem. Heh, cool effect reversing the videos! :p

  3. jon, the one that you referring to i think not me leh.. is a stranger.. lol..

    kellyn, upload the photo on Facebook leh..my friend wanna see those photo as well.. thanks (:

  4. Omggg, I am planning to do this for my europe trip as well! Telepathy, HAHAHA! Anw, good job at your first attempt! very nice :D

  5. JUNWEN, Ya it isn’t you right? You’re not that tall hehehehe :p I am lazy to upload photos to Facebook!

    EMILY, REALLY? I think maybe our interest for photography (and maybe a little of videography) comes together well. :P Anyway thank you! I think you are too kind, because like what Jon said the autofocus actually gave me a headache. Oh well, first attempt so I am excusable with all these technical hiccups. :P

  6. Good stuff KTWM.

    Couple of pointers:

    1) Use manual focus for video. The AF for cameras are usually…dodgy.
    2) Colour correct!

    Nice ideas n execution. MORE PLEASE!

  7. FAIDHI, Hahaha, thanks! I was using the 20/1.7 but the auto focusing part was quite annoying really. And the manual focus on this lens is…. Ugh don’t wanna explain about it. Gonna try doing this on my 60D for my next trip and see if it works better! :D

  8. I will have problems switching between auto focusing and manual focusing too I guess!:(( And yes, that’s a v nice idea and good first attempt, no joke, hahaha! More of photography trips aft my exams k! :D

  9. EMILY, I can’t quite explain about the manual focusing on the lumix lens I’ve for my EP3, but I believe MF on our 60D would be much better! And heh, thanks for your compliments you are always so kind with your words. Lemme know when you are free and we can plan for our next photog excursion! (Y)

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