Hike & Shoot

Emily and I were set out to take photos at Hort Park, but it ended up being more of a hiking trip rather than a photography trip. But it was all nothing short of fun – taking public transport, lugging heavy lenses, turning a projected to be a 15 minutes walk into an hour’s work in the humid weather, getting mosquito bites and jumping around like silly beans. And it is official that I’m the one with the better sense of direction heh.

I have a million reasons to go on a road trip right now, and I need a million sponsors for it. Too much plans up on my sleeves right now to see the world. ☹

4 thoughts on “Hike & Shoot

  1. JON, Aww thank you Baby this really brought a smile to my face heehee. Always the sweetest thing ever. ♥ Miss you so much. ☹

  2. Nice hairdo,kellyn.

    Some really nice shots. Especially the reflection of trees and the street at night.

    When can I join your masterclass?

  3. FAIDHI, That hairdo was a result of me messily trying to get my hair out of the way from the humid weather hahaha. And thanks for your compliments, but there isn’t any masterclass going on. HAHAHA. Let Emily and I know when you are free, then we can continue exploring places that we have never been to/probably good for taking photos! :)

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